Low Testosterone

Male hypogonadism, also known as "Low T" is a condition in which the body doesn't produce enough testosterone or where a male has an inability to produce sperm. This may lead to having difficulty in building lean muscle mass, decreased concentration, fatigue, decreased libido, loss in bone density, and even hot flashes. Men with low testosterone levels shown on blood work or those that are symptomatic may be candidates for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Potential Side Effects: 

-Difficulty With Erection

-Low Sex Drive

-Low Semen Volume

-Hair Loss


-Loss Of Muscle Mass

-Increased Body Fat

-Decreased Bone Mass

-Mood Changes

Treatment Options: 

-Transdermal Patch

-Transdermal/Topical Gel

-Intramuscular Testosterone Injections

-Pellets - Testosterone Pellets Placed Under The Skin

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